Sentul International Convention Center

sentul international convention center

Sentul International Convention Center – Sentul is one of the areas in Bogor Regency which is famous for its eco-green. The green scenery always adorns several strategic points with roads that are neatly arranged with dense green trees planted.

Sentul International Convention Center

This area is surrounded by five mountains with hilly soil conditions. This area is now widely inhabited, because many housing developments carry the tagline go green.

If you are a new person and want to visit Sentul, then in this place there is an attractive multi-purpose luxury building that has become Sentul’s icon, namely the Sentul International Convention Center or better known as SICC for short.

SICC Sentul

SICC Sentul is a multifunctional meeting building with a capacity of 12,000 people located in Babakan Madang District, Bogor Regency, West Java.

This building previously had the name “Bukit Sentul Convention Center”, and along with the change of name PT Bukit Sentul Tbk to PT Sentul City Tbk, now it has changed to “Sentul City International Convention Center”.

This building was built in 2005 and until now is often used as a place to carry out activities that can accommodate many people.

Directly facing the Harris Hotel and next to the Jagorawi toll road, the location of SICC is very strategic.

No wonder many national and international musicians’ celebrations are held in this place, including; Justin Bieber, Katy Parry, Shawn Mendes to King Of Bollywood Shah Ruk Khan.

The SICC meeting building is claimed to be the largest meeting building in Southeast Asia and cost Rp 170 billion.

This cost is claimed to be minimal because the SICC building uses selectively selected local building materials.

This building is a building that has been designed for activities that involve the capacity of many people. From the outside, it looks like the medieval Colosseum in Rome.

In 2019, SICC Sentul was also used as a venue for the speeches of the presidential and vice presidential candidates, Joko Widodo and KH. Ma’ruf Amin.

When you enter the SICC Sentul room, you can see the spacious and magnificent interior of the room with the arrangement of luxurious chairs in a circle around the contents of the auditorium of this room, there are also several rooms with available supporting facilities that have been provided to facilitate the activities carried out at SICC Sentul.

Location of Sentul International Convention Center

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