Edensor Hills Sentul, Cafe with Beautiful Place

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Edensor Hills Sentul – Bogor never runs out of cool tourist spots to unwind. Of the many tourist attractions in Bogor, one of the places for refreshing as well as for culinary tours and overnight stays is Edensor Hills Cafe Villa and Resort.

Edensor Hills Sentul – Did you know about this place yet? if not, let’s see the review. Edensor Hills, the name taken from a beautiful lush countryside in the interior of England, is a Villa and Resort with the facilities of a star hotel class.

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Located in the village of Bojong Koneng, Sentul, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. The location of this villa is in the hills that offer the charm of the expanse of Mount Salak with a view of the Bidadari Waterfall in Sentul Paradise Park and the atmosphere of a cool and calm green environment.

Adjacent to the Jungle Land Adventure Theme Park Sentul City, as well as the hot spring therapy baths of Mount Pancar, it is certain that the surrounding location has a scenic charm that is hard to forget.

More than that, Edensor Hills Sentul maximizes your visit with a comfortable mansion nuanced with European country architecture, specially designed to make you feel like you’re really in the Edensor countryside.

Edensor Hill Sentul is not only a great place to stay but also a place to hunt for delicious food.

Edensor Hills Cafe serves a variety of delicious food, especially in an area that has a very beautiful natural panorama.

Edensor Hills Tourism Locations

Being in a hilly area makes Edensor Hills Sentul very comfortable. In addition to the cool air, you will definitely feel at home for a long time there watching the beautiful natural panorama.

If you plan to visit this place, then the address you should go to is Bojong Koneng, Babakan Madang, Bogor, West Java. Contact information can be contacted 0811-1479-966.

Edensor Hills Sentul has nice modern buildings. In terms of elegant interior design, as well as the outdoor design is also epic.

Well, being there is certainly very comfortable, especially while tasting delicious food and enjoying a comfortable atmosphere. Anyway, I really like this place!

Not a few young people come to Edensor Hill Villa & Resort. Many want to spend their vacation there, as also those who like to hunt for contemporary tourist spots.

For you fans of instagenic spots, then Edensor Hills can be an interesting destination for you.

Facilities Provided at Edensor Hills

Edensor Hills Sentul has various facilities, such as a BBQ area, swimming pools for adults and children, a sports arena, a gazebo to relax with the family, and a beautiful garden filled with colorful flowers.

To add to your convenience, Edensor Hills Sentul can be easily reached, only 10 kilometers or about 10 minutes from the Sentul City or South Sentul toll gates, the Jagorawi toll road.

This five-star resort consists of a mansion, a villa, and a restaurant. For the mansion, it is a room type with its own castle. In addition to the seven bedrooms, this type is also available in a family room, kitchen, and bathroom.

Editor Choose:

The villa is smaller in size and is suitable for couples who want to honeymoon. Well, these two types offer views that are not much different.

Besides the slopes of Mount Salak, there is also the Bidadari Waterfall which looks exotic from a distance. No need to worry, there is a balcony complete with chairs. In fact, this beautiful view can be seen in the bathroom bath.


  • Cafe & Restaurant.
  • Swimming pool.
  • DeckView.
  • Sports Area.
  • Barbeque Area.
  • Mosque.
  • Parking.

Food Menu Prices at Edensor Hills Cafe Bogor

The price of the food menu at this cafe is also pretty good, cheap, and pocket-friendly. But it is in accordance with the quality and atmosphere there which is a really special type of mountain.

edensor hills Sentul menu

At this cafe, there are various delicious foods, ranging from Hainan chicken rice Rp. 50,000, crispy chicken Rp. 60,000, grilled fish Rp. 90,000, fish and chips Rp. 50,000, penne and cheese Rp. 35,000, Chicken Coron Bleu Rp. 80,000 and many others.

Access to Edensor Location

Its location in Sentul is very close to the capital. No wonder at the weekend many visitors come from the capital. It took about an hour to arrive at this instagenic place to stay.

If you are still confused, make the Cultural Park a benchmark because it is not far from there. Besides being close to the Cultural Park,

Edensor Hills Sentul which is located in the hills is also close to Jungle Land Adventure Theme Park Sentul City and Mount Pancar Hot Springs. Easy to reach right?

That’s the review of Edensor Hills Villa & Resort in Sentul. How about it, travel lovers are interested in spending the weekend here?

Let’s decide on a vacation time and invite a family with friends and co-workers to come and make a story about your memorable travel experience in this place.

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