Melrimba Garden Bogor: Its Own Magnet for Travelers in Bogor

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Melrimba Garden – Bogor Peak became a hot conversation on social media thanks to The Ranch Puncak, now it’s the turn of Melrimba Garden which is crowded with tourists.

melrimba garden

It is a garden that presents a natural view that is green and spoils the eyes. There you can walk around the park while breathing fresh air. The peak is indeed a paradise of natural attractions.

Various tourist destinations that offer the charm of natural beauty become a magnet for travelers. One of them is Melrimba Garden Peak.

From the name, of course it can be guessed that this place is a garden. Presents a very large expanse of flower gardens. Various flowers thrive on it, making the atmosphere beautiful and beautiful.

With the concept of natural garden, Melrimba is surrounded by a stretch of Ciliwung Tea plantation, as well as bordered by a beautiful pine forest.

The location of Melrimba Garden has an area of 5 hectares. Its location is not too far from the center of the capital makes it the right choice as an alternative vacation with family.

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The distance is only about 65 minutes from Jakarta. Good management of tourist attractions in Melrimba Garden Puncak will provide a new experience to tourists who come.

The concept of family park is embedded in this tourist park. The first sight that you will get when you first arrive at this tourist spot is towering pine trees along with a variety of colorful flower plants.

In this place there are also facilities for family outbond, strawberry pick and eat, fishing, tea walk and kids playground. There are also rides to see the process of producing and seeding plants.

This place can also be used for various events, there is a stretch of grass in the middle of the park for wedding parties, camping ground, barbeque, or other private. Melrimba Garden becomes a beautiful family garden. Proven by the number of tall pine trees towering. Not to forget, the expanse of colorful flowers that are arranged very neatly.

Not infrequently, this tourist area is covered by fog, even during the day. It’s become such a stunning sight. No wonder, many visitors who prepare well photo equipment to capture the moment.

In addition to beautiful scenery, visitors will also feel the beauty and peace of nature. I heard the birds chirping, and the sound of apes fighting with each other. And not infrequently from a distance seen a Javan eagle that flies with his dashing.

melrimba garden colour

Melrimba Garden is the center of the premium phalaenopsis moon orchid plant. Floral rides are the choice of tourists when visiting here. Moreover, visitors who like gardening, will be very happy to be here.

In addition to orchids, there are a variety of other flower plants, fruits, and herbal plants. Other flowers such as lily, calla lily, as well as anthurium plants. Everything looks beautiful and exotic.

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Melrimba Garden Admission Price

To enter this flower garden area, visitors are charged a cheap ticket. Adults are charged Rp. 20,000 and children are charged Rp. 15,000 And of course, there is no time limit to enjoy this flower garden.

Location of Melrimba Garden Bogor

Taman Bungan is located at Jalan Raya Puncak KM.87, North Monument, Cisarua, Bogor. The location is near the highway, with a distance of 75 km from the city of Jakarta.

Route to Melrimba Garden Bogor

For access to tourist sites is quite easy to reach by two-wheeled vehicles or with four wheels. The distance from the capital that is not too far only takes 65 minutes then you have reached this location.

If you are from the direction of Jakarta – Bandung then please go to the Puncak Pass Bogor area. Next to Cisarua. Entering the plantation area with hilly roads then you will find a plang clues that lead to the location.

Follow the road to the point of parking location. The next trip is on foot through a stretch of Ciliwung tea plantation. Not far away only a few meters then you will arrive at the location of Melrimba Garden Park Cisarua.

Visiting Tips

It is more advisable to come in the morning, because during the day, this place begins to be crowded by visitors. While in the afternoon, this place is often rained or shrouded in thick fog.

For more information about this tourist spot you can call the number (0263) 523204, 523205, 523206 or on 0878 8114 0566 0812 9666 0046

Amenities of Melrimba Garden

Melrimba Garden provides facilities that can provide comfort for visitors. There are places of worship, restaurants and clean public toilets. Plus, the parking area is very large and can accommodate as many as 250 cars.

In addition, no less important is the availability of other supporting facilities that provide comfort to tourists who come here.

Extensive parking facilities: can accommodate more than 250 cars with easy in and out access.

Playground: This area is safe for playing children or sisters There are high rope games, ATVs and buggy karts, mini soccer, basketball ball, and many more.

Melrimba Kitchen: there are various mainstay cuisine menus themed Indonesian food, Asian food, to Western food. Everything is served by an experienced chef. Lodging with complete camping facilities such as sleeping bags, tents, and mattresses.

Fun Spot

For visitors who come here can explore various instagenic spot spots and can be a view for the moment of devoting your activities.

1. Flora Rides – Bulana Orchid Center

Showcase of various premium phalaenopsis orchids is one of the facilities available in this place.

There are also a variety of herbal products, fruits, flower plants, all of which are classified as exotic plants. Here, you can get the fruit as a souvenir for the family.

For those of you who want fauna (animal) rides, you can visit Bogor Safari Park which is located quite far from Melrimba tourism.

2. Kampoeng Melrimba on The Weekend

This place is quite favorite by tourists. Kampoeng Melrimba on The Weekend is a unique open space.

There are many traditional food sellers such as grilled corn, steamed Cilembu yam, grilled sticky rice, black sticky rice gemblong, and various vegetables. You can also find a variety of seasonal fresh fruit typical of Puncak.

Well, for those who like to enjoy interesting events, in Kampoeng Melrimba on The Weekend there is also a show themed “Kampoeng Nusantara”.

Quite close to this tourist location, there is a tour of Little Venice Bogor that presents tours such as abroad.

How friends with information reviews about Melrimba Garden tours in Puncak Bogor,

There are many other attractions in Puncak Bogor, which can be explored by you, let’s certainly take your vacation time with your family and come and enjoy your holiday atmosphere here.

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