Aston Sentul Lake Resort: Hotel Sentul Bogor

Hotel Sentul Bogor cover

Aston Sentul Lake Resort – Choosing the right hotel is one of the important things we must do when going on vacation with family.

Because if you choose the wrong hotel, bad possibilities that can happen include spending that exceeds the budget, the location of the hotel is not strategic, to disrupt the overall experience of vacationing with family.

Vacationing is a very fitting way if we want to enjoy quality time with family. There are many destinations that we can go to spend the holidays with loved ones.

One of them is to come to Sentul. Here there are many choices of places that we can visit, from Sentul Cultural Park, Ah Poong Market, to Jungle Land. All very interesting to visit.

Aston Sentul Lake Resort halaman depan
Aston Sentul Homepage (source: google)

Opened in April 2016, Aston Sentul Lake Resort & Conference Center is the newest hotel in Sentul, an area that is growing as a holiday and business destination in Bogor.

The hotel’s location is also very strategic, Aston Sentul Lake is located close to Sentul Cultural Park, Jungleland Adventure Theme Park, Alam Fantasia Sentul, and Neo+ hotel.

For family vacations and tourists who want to avoid the fatigue of the capital city on weekends.

Aston Sentul Lake Resort kamar
Room atmosphere at Aston Sentul (source: google)

In addition, Ah Poong Sentul Market is also located not far from the hotel which can be a culinary tourism destination for local and foreign tourists.

The design of the hotel lobby without the use of air conditioners and high ceilings. In addition, the hotel lobby door also continues to open frequently and provides the opportunity for air to exchange perfectly.

The view from the hotel lobby is a direct view of Mount Pancar. Aston Sentul is surrounded by Mount Pancar, Salak, and Geulis.

From the hotel room, there is a balcony overlooking the mountains. Hotel guests can sit back and relax while snacking and drinking coffee and enjoying the view.

Aston Sentul Lake Resort kolam renang
The swimming pool next to the room looks cool (source: google)

For the trip to the place to stay in Sentul Bogor, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic jams. Smooth roads, cool air, blue skies, and lots of green trees around the road to this hotel.

We can also see sights that make our eyes open later because we are surrounded by four mountains, namely Mount Salak, Mount Pancar, Mount Geulis, and Mount Gede.

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